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As a My Data My Consent partner, get access to a plethora of benefits and connect to millions of users across the globe. Whether you’re a small-scale business owner, online marketplace or a specialized B2B service platform, you can accelerate your business growth and streamline operations by becoming a My Data My Consent partner.

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Our Platform Offers

Organized & Smart Insights

Connect & Organize all of your information, get detailed insights and alerts when something isn’t right!

Secure & Insured

User data is 24x7x365 is guarded, secured and insured with bank-grade encryption. Np one can access it without your approval.

Consented Access

Share your data with third party organizations at your consent and revoke when done.

Share With Family

Share that insurance policy details with friends and family & your CA asking for those bank statements! (does that ring a bell?)

Why MDMC? Why Now?

  • Users today are becoming more susceptible to data breaches, crores of Indians confidential information including their credit card numbers, addresses, account information and even passport and travel information has been breached.
  • Privacy is a human right and is fundamental to our existence and empowerment. One should be able to decide with whom they want to share their data and for how long.
  • MDMC enables fetch, connect & share authentic personal, financial, health data and documents to and from organizations and individuals securely, and with industry-leading security standards.

The My Data My Consent Difference!

Multi Device Accessibility

Available in Android, iOS and Desktop.

Developer First Platform

Designed for quick integration and get up and running in 1 hour.

Secured & Verified Entry

Every stakeholder is verified and securely onboarded to the platform.

Bank Grade Data Encryption

Everything on the platform is end-to-end encrypted, even team MDMC can’t access them.

Few My Data My Consent Use Cases

Verification Of Employment History

Organizations can validate the genuineness of potential hire’s employment history with the documents and certifications linked to their My Data My Consent account by provided by their previous employer.

Validating Genuineness OF Academic Records

No more fake grade sheet and graduation certificates. Organization would get the original copy from the education institutes on approved consent by the student.

Background And Visa Eligibility Checks

With My Data My Consent an individual’s background verification and Visa eligibility can be done in mins. Verification authorities can check the required documents & financial account statements with ease.

Health Records Management

An individual can keep an eye on their entire medical history, which can be shared to healthcare providers, doctors, family or friends.

Filing Of Taxes & Accounting

Individuals can freely use the features of the My Data My Consent Platform and securely view and track their documents, financial accounts & medical records.

Instant Documents Issuing

Organization can issue documents like salary slips, performance certificates, offer letters, etc., which will directly show up in individual’s Documents section.


Data Security, Privacy & Compliances

Working with My Data My Consent means working with a vetted, secure solution & partner who understands that you expect a return on your security investment.

Learn More About Our Security Standards

Why Partner With My Data My Consent?

  • Build applications with minimal down time, and in adherence to global compliance and security standards.
  • Instantly monetise the existing data silos with automated user consent.
  • MDMC will bring additional business by up-selling and cross-selling products with inbuilt un-intrusive smart suggestions and seamless onboarding process through smart consents.
  • Enables fraud detection and eases regulatory compliances.
  • Extract better and faster insights from existing data and unlike traditional business intelligence / analytical tools using proprietary and advanced Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligent algorithms developed by MDMC.
  • Developer friendly APIs / Integrations with faster go to market solutions. Enhance existing in-house application capabilities with new features and solutions from MDMC for free.

And many more…

Partner Types

Plugin Partners

Reach out to hundreds of businesses who use our plugins to simplify day-to-day business activities on popular self-hosted and open-source platforms like WordPress, Magento, and PrestaShop.

Service Partners

We are here to enable and amplify impact of various businesses working with us to drive the spirit of data democracy. Extend your support to businesses looking for help for integrations and implementations.

Incubators and Accelerator

Kindly get in touch if you’re a business incubator or an investor to explore our tailored solutions made for you.

More Ways To Partner With Us

We’d love to hear from you, if you’re building something exciting to impact the business world. Feel free to reach out to us. Let’s explore the synergies to make the world a better place.

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Learn from the best minds in the market. Promote your integration with co-branded materials. Find ready-to-use resources to help your team and customers.


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  • Build applications with minimal down time, and in adherence to global compliance and security standards.
  • Launch and scale across horizons with our efficient market strategies.
  • Enable customers to have a user experience like no other. Build customized FAQs and marketing resources.
  • Enable fraud detection and ease regulatory compliance. Exchange ideas with the MDMC team at invite-only events, consultations and training sessions.
  • Get regular partner updates and other exciting features prior.
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