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Transform the way you organize and share your data. Join millions of people and businesses and be empowered to experience the global right to data privacy. Decide what data you would like to share, with whom and for how long. Choose our digital insurance that is set in place to protect you from all frauds and malpractices.

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Disclaimer: All the logos and names of organizations used in this web page are just for product visual purposes only. The logos and names belong to the official business entities.


All Organization Documents And Certificates In One Platform

Track your organization documents in one place through the My Data My Consent app. We have a robust security system in place to safeguard your records. Choose convenience today!


Digitize Your Company Ledger

Track company finances across multiple banks with ease. Our easy-to-use accounts flow helps you create a financial budget suited for your company’s growth and allows you to track money across different categories - insurance, investments, loans and more.


Apply For Applications With Ease

With My Data My Consent, you can apply for loans, insurance and more by exercising your consent. Fill applications with ease and get verified on the go. Eliminate tedious applications process by using our platform.

Manage team members

Onboard Your Team Members

Get your whole team to collaborate on the My Data My Consent platform. Decide the roles of each team member and specify their responsibilities. Have a seamless workflow with a beautiful interface - designed for you by our team.


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  • Sign-up as an individual user.
  • Come back to this page and click register.
  • Fill the registration for and upload KYC related documents.
  • After successful verification, you have an MDMC Organization account.


We are happy to serve our customers while empowering their right to data privacy and organization.