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About Us

Who we are

A fundamental belief that fuels us is ensuring that data organization and privacy empowers the autonomy of individuals. At My Data My Consent, we are committed to bringing the first democratized data-sharing platform to the market. We entitle business and organizations to join this revolution to thrive in the global economy.

Our platform gives My Data My Consent’s active account holders the faith to connect and share data in new yet powerful ways, whether online, on a mobile device, or through an app.

Through collaboration and strategic partnerships, My Data My Consent is creating better ways to manage and share data while also offering the choice and flexibility to consent when sending documents and receiving them. We are a purpose-driven company whose core values are the foundation for how we conduct business every day.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to empower your data protection rights by helping you organize your data and giving you the right to decide with whom you share your data. To achieve this, our security platform provides context-aware governance of your data in real-time. We help you understand who is accessing your data at any given point in time - whether it is a corporate network or a remote person.

We envision ourselves to be the first decentralized and user democratic platform. Our users are at the crux of everything we do, and we hope to secure, manage and support their data through our new technology. When we collect your data, we inform you of your rights so that it is easy for you to exercise them. Wherever possible, we also let you manage your preferences about how much information you choose to share with our partners or us.

Our Values

Our values shape us and our character. We aim to live every day guided by our core values. They ensure that we work together as a unified, global team with our customers at the center of everything we do.


Integrity is our core. It is the foundation of all things we do. It is about delivering on our commitments, harnessing honesty and acting fairly. Our integrity allows us to be ethical beyond doubt, even under the most challenging circumstances.


We are always on edge for creating beautiful experiences for our users, companies we do business with and for the My Data My Consent community. To do so, we foster the habit of thinking differently, practicing empathy and putting ourselves in the shoes of our users.


We value the distinctive qualities of each user and every individual in the organization. This stands true for us at all times irrespective of background, circumstance and level. The execution of ideas is truly efficient only when everyone is included in the decision-making process.


Great minds discuss and build on ideas. We cultivate a sense of collaboration by working as a team, making decisions collectively and celebrating the results. We aim at building trust, integrity and having each other’s backs.

Our Visionary. Our Power

Balamurali Pandranki is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of My Data My Consent. While building the company's foundation, he worked as a consultant with Fortune 100 companies. He holds a diploma in Civil Engineering and is a self-taught coder and a certified ethical hacker. He has a keen eye for building products that add value to the community. Throughout his life, he has built several products and organized several hackathons on IoT across the country (IoTHackDay).

Balamurali also founded and organized The Spark Fest back in the day, a platform for passionate people who left their well-paying jobs to follow their calling in life. He also co-founded a woman tech diversity organization called The Geek Angels. Balamurali feels a deep sense of connection with humanity and has founded the Yuva Ganatantr Foundation for charitable causes and donations.


We are Committed to Helping our Global Customers Succeed

My Data My Consent is the next-gen data aggregators entity by giving the power of your data back to you. It does so by letting you manage, share and revoke consents to individuals, businesses and other trusted third party entities

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10800 NE 8th Street Suite 700 Bellevue, WA 98004

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91springboard, Mytri Square, Gachibowli, HYD TS 500084


We are happy to serve our customers while empowering their right to data privacy and organization.


What our Customers Say

Srinivas Varma

API Integration Lead

Our engineers don’t have to build the interfaces, they don’t have to build all the security around it, … they don’t have to deal with managing & verifying our customers genuineness when they onboard & use our platform & services. All thanks to My Data My Consent.

Nidhi Maheta

Senior Banking Manager

The top benefit to us of using My Data My Consent was certainly the simplicity of the solution. The easy to integrate developer friendly APIs made our organization to appear as a document and financial account provider on My Data My Consent Platform in hours. Happy to see our customers there.

In the spirit of collaboration, we are delighted to invite developers who can help take this platform forward in new and innovative ways.

We love helping developers gain the most value out of our platform. We are also passionate about contributing to open-source software and sharing our expertise. Our engineers periodically architect tools and author resources that can help other developers. We also define specifications for tools like OpenID Connect and JSON Web Tokens.

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